Restore Me: Review


I gave this novel a 5/5 star rating (Aaron Warner was in it, what did you expect?).

Tahereh Mafi did a brilliant job, as usual. The best thing about the book was the interactions between Warner and Kenji, in my opinion. It was nice how Warner and Adam resolved some of their issues, and found comfort in each other over their father’s death.

Honestly though, Juliette was way in over her head in thinking should could be supreme leader, Tahereh most likely did this intentionally to prep us for the ‘kidnapping’ at the end? Another thing, Juliette’s personality was incredibly annoying this this novel, maybe I just didn’t pay enough attention to it in the first three installments. In the end she instantly killed over five hundred people, she seemed shocked, but was she truly sad? Juliette also did not accomplish anything in this book in terms of the plot; all she ended up doing was killing a lot of people.

Regarding Juliette and Warner’s relationship, Warner kept digging himself deeper and deeper into a hole by keeping secrets from Juliette, but it was not entirely his fault. Technically, Juliette did not ask specific questions for Warner to answer, so he was only protecting her. I’m justing saying that I see his point of view.

Another thing, why do authors feel the need to add family drama into everything? This novel was like a soap opera in terms of Juliette finding out who her family actually was, and that her sister was being tortured. Juliette also isn’t her birth name, so I would if she’s going to change names all of a sudden like a Sarah J Maas character.

I truly want the next book at this moment. I did have some problems with the book, but not enough to lower my rating to four stars.


Star Wars: Dark Disciples: Review


There was an intense excitement going into this novel for me because Ventress is one of my favorite Star Wars characters, but I did have some problems with it (a major one being I didn’t like Quinlan). Quinlan Vos was too easily turned to the dark side for a skilled Jedi who’s been through training; He was also too easily turned back to the good side to be honest. Ventress seemed to fall in love very easily with Quinlan, even though she’s spent most of her life hardening herself against relationships. There seems to be many unstable variables that had to happen in order to make the plot work. Besides that, there were cute details sprinkled throughout the book, an example being that Mos’s cantina was referenced in the book. I really miss seeing new canon material of Anakin, so that was nice; I almost forgot how much of a hypocrite he was. The plot was fast paced and interesting. Ventress’s death was sad, but not as heart-breaking as I was expecting, which honestly is not a good thing. I ended up giving a four out of five stars for this novel.

Simon Vs. the Homosapiens Agenda: Review


The novel got the full five out of five rating from me. The novel was enjoyable in how it was realistic, but at the same time it was almost innocent because in the relationship world not everyone is so accepting. I loved the relationship Simon had with his family, it was so cute and sentimental. Martin, the blackmailer, is always going to be my least favorite person ever. Simon references Eliott Smith, so the novel was added points for that; Simon also went as a dementor on halloween, so more points. Blue was adorable and realistic, that was nice. Adorable how Simon and Blue meet lowkey at the end in the ride. There was a really sweet moment when Blue was jealous of Cal and Simon, even though there was nothing going on, and it helped forward the plot and push Bram into coming out. The only real problem I had with the novel was Simon’s relationship with Leah; they seemed tense the entire novel, and Leah in general seemed to be second to everything else happening in the novel. Loved, loved, this fast-paced novel that I couldn’t stop reading.

The Rise and Fall of Darth Vader: Review

No Spoilers

This novel gets a four out of five star rating. The book fills in the blanks about Darth Vader’s thoughts from the films, and enlightened the process of how Vader got from one thought to another. I loved the feeling that I was reliving the prequel and original Star Wars trilogies from Vader’s point of view. The novel was extremely concise and to the point, and I honestly wish it was longer and contained more details. I loved reading Vader’s thoughts when he ultimately decided to kill Palpatine. And this is the end to the shortest review in history!

Love, Simon: Movie Review



I really loved the plot and the cast of this film, it fit really nice. It was cool how Blue ended up being someone that Simon had already eliminated as a suspected person. The relationship drama overall was very interesting. I loved the family relationship, and how close and accepting they were. It was a bit unrealistic that Blue would go onto the ferris wheel in front of everyone when he would not even give Simon his phone number to keep his identity secret. The film referenced Game of Thrones (no further explanation needed)! Martin was so awful to Simon, why is he even a person? He should have gotten hit by a bus; and then he thought it was a good idea to ask someone out in front of the whole school when they have never been on a real date?? I really thought Cal was going to be Blue, but I am glad it was Bram.

Tomb Raider (2018): Movie Review



This movie had the perfect amount of action, usually movies tend to have too little or way too much and becomes boring. The classic “If you’re seeing this, then I’m dead” video popped up in film and was a little cliche and annoying, but furthered the plot. I liked that Lara did not win every fight throughout the movie, to show that just because she’s the protagonist it doesn’t mean she automatically wins. The cast was brilliant, and engaging. I thought the friendship (maybe future relationship) between Lara and Lu Ren accelerated too fast; Lu Ren became loyal awful quickly, even though his life was in danger. I liked how the problem the protagonist needed to solve in the end was not fantasy related, but a disease, something realistic. The set up for the sequel was not subtle at all, but that is fine.

Here’s a question for the people who have already watched it: Richard, Lara’s dad, believed Lara was not a hallucination when she did the kiss on the fingers thing, but his conscience would know about that; so how does that prove Lara is not a hallucination?



Red Sparrow: Movie Review



I went into this film thinking it would be like a Black Widow plot, and it really wasn’t as similar as expected. The ballet in the beginning was truly beautiful. Honestly, Dominica healed enough to go back to dance, and I know most companies hold places for the best dancers if they get injured, so plot hole. The cast was good, and looked as if they worked well together. The movie had less action then I thought there would be. There was a romantic tension in a relationship the protagonist, Dominica was in, and it seemed unresolved. Dominica’s family was so messed up, I’m surprised she didn’t get thrown into the program earlier; her uncle did seem to care for her in an extremely messed up way. The intricate way the plot dealt with the mole and Dominica setting up her uncle was spectacular. I wasn’t completely satisfied with the end, but overall loved the film.